18th May 2022
People entering the CAP in Sitges to undergo PCR tests
Sitges News

Average age of those infected with Covid in Sitges is now 42 years

The average age of people infected with Coronavirus in Sitges is now 42.5 years old. This is five points above the Catalan average, which is 37.5.

The high number of new positive cases in recent days in the town is affecting the older age group. During the second half of December, new cases being registered were among those with an average age of between 35 and 36 years. It has now risen above 42.

The Catalan average has also increased, but not at these levels. From 35 at the end of December, it has risen to the current 37.

In Sant Pere de Ribes, the average age of new infections is 36 years. Recently it has fluctuated between 36 and 38.

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People entering the CAP in Sitges to undergo PCR tests
People entering the CAP in Sitges to undergo PCR tests, a month ago. (L’Eco)

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