20th January 2022
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Awareness and solidarity at the Sitges Human Rights Conference

In commemoration of the International Day of Human Rights on 10 December and under the name of ‘Sitges Human Rights Conference. Solidarity. Justice. Conscience’, different entities and NGOs in the town are recommencing the so-called Solidarity Days.

Organised by the Council’s Civil Rights division of the Department of Social Rights, Citizenship and Equality, in collaboration with Sitges Solidari and social entities active in the field of cooperation, peace and human rights in Sitges and the surrounding region, the new Human Rights Conference includes a programme with events and activities to raise awareness and disseminate information until 17 December.

Storytelling, talks, screenings, with books available on loan regarding human rights issues in the library, the conference will feature the participation of numerous organisations to reflect on racism, discrimination, immigration and euthanasia, with the Prado Suburense Casino and the Santiago Rusiñol and Josep Roig i Raventós libraries as its main venues.

The main inauguration event will be on 11 December in the Plaça Catalunya, with the ‘Mostra d’Entitats’. From 10am until 2pm, Sitges Solidari, Setem, Amnesty International, Garraf Coopera, Intermón-Oxfam Vilanova, Ocularis, Mercat d’artesania, and Vida utile will present their work that aims for a more supportive, just and conscious society.

The intention is to make visible the work of organisations linked to fair trade, international solidarity and development cooperation operating in the region. In parallel to the presentations, there will be an activity entitled ‘Tales to grow’, and the screening of the documentary ’18 +1: a young man who walks’, regarding unaccompanied minors, as well as a subsequent debate, moderated by Amnesty Internacional Penedès, with both activities taking place in the Josep Roig i Raventós library, at 11am and 12 noon, respectively.

On the 10th International Human Rights Day, the Sitges Town Council’s Civil Rights department will promote a social media dissemination campaign to raise awareness of local and regional organisations working for cooperation, peace and human rights.

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