28th November 2021
Covid-19 Vaccine
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Covid-19 Vaccinations in Spain (26 Nov)

Latest: Coronavirus in Spain figures (26 Nov)

Spain has now received a total of 79,571,113 doses of Covid-19 vaccines (57,435,483 from Pfizer-BioNTech, 10,926,970 from Moderna, 9,053,420 from AstraZeneca and 2,155,240 from Janssen).

Based on total figures collated up to the end of Thursday 25 November, a total of 76,026,523 jabs have now been administered across Spain, representing 95.5% of total doses received. 38,288,327 people have now received at least one dose of the vaccine, representing 80.7% of the total population (90.9% of the population aged over 12). 37,582,174 people have now been fully vaccinated*, representing 79.2% of the total population (89.2% of the population aged over 12).

*Fully vaccinated includes those who have received just one jab of the Janssen vaccine (currently 1,974,199 people), or two jabs of another vaccine.

Spain has also now given a booster dose of the Covid vaccine to 4,567,312 citizens. Of the total population aged over 70 who are fully vaccinated (6,833,327 people), 58.7% of them have already received a booster dose (4,012,415 people). Also read: Spain to start giving booster jabs against Covid to all those aged over 60

Age groups

Overall, 90.9% of all citizens aged over 12 have now received a first jab; 89.2% have been fully vaccinated. For specific age groups:

  • Aged 12-19: 87.1% have received a first jab; 84.2% fully vaccinated.
  • Aged 20-29: 82.0% first jab; 78.8% fully vaccinated.
  • Aged 30-39: 79.5% first jab; 77.3% fully vaccinated.
  • Aged 40-49: 88.9% first jab; 87.5% fully vaccinated.
  • Aged 50-59: 95.3% first jab; 94.3% fully vaccinated.
  • Aged 60-69: 99.1% first jab; 97.9% fully vaccinated.
  • Aged 70-79: 99.7% first jab; 99.1% fully vaccinated.
  • Over 80s: 100% first jab; 100% fully vaccinated.

For a full breakdown of the number of jabs administered (both first and second jabs) per age group for each region, click here for the latest Health Ministry data. The latest main figures per region collated up to Thursday 25 November are as follows:

(over 12)
% of Total
Balearic Islands1,034,867849,94572.5%
Basque Country1,983,9431,792,01080.7%
Canary Islands1,960,7741,649,20075.8%
Castilla y León2,176,2531,976,05382.5%
Castilla La Mancha1,808,7841,570,15076.8%
La Rioja283,970256,92680.3%
Valencia Region4,488,4594,029,90479.7%
Armed Forces89,056
Foreign Health5,570

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