20th January 2022
The Catalan 'Caga Tió' Christmas log.
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Still time for children to enter the Sitges ‘Caga Tió’ poster competition

For the second year running, the Sitges Three Kings Commission is promoting a Tió 2021 Poster competition. Children up to the age of 12 are invited to participate with a drawing, without text, which will become the poster announcing the arrival of the character in the town for Christmas.

The ‘Caga tió’ – or ‘poop log’, as it is also known – is a log propped up on sticks, with a painted face, wearing a barretina hat, and covered with a blanket. In the run-up to Christmas, Catalan children keep the log warm and ‘feed’ it in order to fatten it up so that on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, the ‘tió’ will ‘poo out’ stocking fillers whilst the kids beat it with sticks and sing a traditional song. In Catalonia the larger gifts for children are normally brought on the eve of 6 January by the Wise Men, or Three Kings.

Children interested in taking part in the poster competition have until 28 November to submit their creations via email to comissiodereisdesitges@gmail.com with the subject ‘Concurso de Carteles del Tió’ (or ‘Tió Poster Competition’) with a pdf, jpeg or png attached.

The chosen drawing will have the honour of becoming the official Tió poster and the author will receive a Tió as a gift. The winner will be announced by email and the authorship will be shared on the official social networks of the Epiphany Commission.

The Catalan 'Caga Tió' Christmas log.
The Catalan ‘Caga Tió’ Christmas log.

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