28th June 2022
An archive image of Sitges station.
Sitges News

Renfe leaves Sitges-bound passengers trapped in carriages without light for two hours

An electrical breakdown on the R2 Sud suburban rail service between Barcelona Sants and Castelldefels caused an ordeal for people returning to Sitges on Wednesday afternoon. There were delays of up to almost two hours, during which in some cases the passengers had to spend trapped in carriages without any light.

The source of the problem occurred at the Can Tunis substation, which provides an electrical service to part of the Rodalies Sud network. The incident left the area without enough electricity to power the trains in operation. But the problems did not end here, as once the technicians solved the breakdown, the whole line between Sants and Castelldefels was left without electricity due to the consequences of the rain.

With the trains stopped for an hour and a half, in some cases passengers waited inside darkened carriages, with the service not fully operating again until 7pm. Passengers also complained about the lack of any communications to let them know what their situation was and when the service was expected to resume.

An archive image of Sitges station.
An archive image of Sitges station. (L’Eco)

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