21st January 2022
The Sitges Next Festival at the Mercat Vell.
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Mercat Vell in Sitges reborn as a cultural and event venue

The recent successful celebration of the Sitges Next Festival has highlighted the potential of the Mercat Vell in Sitges as a cultural and event venue. The communications and creativity festival required advanced technical and visual staging, for which the old market building was adapted to host, showing the many options the space offers. 

Sitges Next was the first event where the venue was adapted to meet its specific requirements. During the Film Festival, the Mercat Vell also hosted children’s screenings – and days later a party was held for the elderly. But now, with the installation of a stage six metres long by five deep, as well as technical equipment, screens and lighting, there is a greater dimension to the site, opening up the possibilities of what it could be used for.

The local councillor for culture, Xavier Salmerón, had been the main defender for the Mercat Vell becoming a space for cultural activity, and was enthusiastic about the result of the staging and the possibilities that can come from it. The Mayor of Sitges, Aurora Carbonell, also said that ‘it was important that as soon as Casa Bacardí vacated the venue there was activity and it did not stay closed’.

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The Sitges Next Festival at the Mercat Vell.
The Sitges Next Festival at the Mercat Vell. (L’Eco)

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