31st May 2023
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Deadline for applying for grants for extracurricular activities in Sitges is 15 November

The Sitges Town Council is maintaining the applications for grants for extracurricular activities open until 15 November.

The grants have been devised to guarantee equal opportunities for children, teenagers and young people to take part in extracurricular activities outside school hours for this academic year 2021-2022 – including educational, sporting, cultural, musical and artistic activities. Interested families can apply for the aid in person or online at the OAC office (l’Oficina d’Atenció a la Ciutadania) by filling in the application form and providing the necessary documents.

So far, 139 applications have been processed for grants for various activities, which will help with acquiring complementary skills to those of formal education in the field of music, dance or sport, as well as learning a wide range of values such as cooperation or equality, among others.

The council has earmarked €70,000 for this second call for applications, after allocating €30,000 to the first call, which was aimed at summer leisure activities. In total, the council is offering for the first time a total of €100,000 so that children and young people have equal opportunities.

The grants are available to families who register their children between the ages of 3 and 18 (both included) for after-school activities.

The grants are awarded based on the gross income level of the family unit. Approved applications will have a maximum grant amount of €700 per family.

Requirements of the person applying for aid are that they are resident in Sitges and that the family unit has a gross income of less than 50,000 euros per year. The amounts of the grants established can be consulted on the links to the municipal website (see below). Applications must be submitted together with relevant documentation, such as a photocopy of the pre-registration or registration of the activity and details of its cost, as well as copies of the last three salaries, pension, or a certificate of the Spanish Social Security (SEPE) in case of unemployment.

Families can submit a request for extra curricular activities for each child. The eligible activities for these grants are those organised by the Sitges Town Council, those promoted or arranged under its auspices, those carried out by schools in Sitges, and all those promoted by other entities, as and when they meet the requirements established by the rules and are duly registered in the Register of Entities of the Generalitat de Catalunya and/or Sitges Town Council.

Process for submitting the application

The process of applying for financial aid for extracurricular activities can be done until 15 November, online or in person at the OAC office, filling in the application form and providing the documents required.

The application for aid is linked to the registration of the activity. You first need to have registered or enrolled in the chosen extracurricular activity.

Click here for the link to the application process. The full terms of the Town Council’s agreement regarding the grants can be found by clicking here.

A class at the L’Escola Municipal de Música Montserrat Almirall (EMMMA).

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