28th March 2023
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Two municipal nursery schools in Sitges have free places available

The two municipal nursery schools in Sitges, El Cercolet and La Moixiganga, both have free places available for this current school year 2021-2022.

La Moixiganga offers places from P0 to P2 and Cercolet, from P1 (children 1-2 years old) and P2 (2-3 years old). Interested families can go directly to the two schools to enrol the children (details below).

The two centres, dedicated to First and Early Childhood Education (0-3 years), offer an educational programme in which children are the protagonists of their learning through their own experiences, play and discovery of the environment. In terms of facilities, they have a multi-purpose room, a dining room with its own kitchen and a reception service from 8-9am, on request.

The education department of Sitges Town Council is committed to offering a service of municipal kindergartens, a stage of non-compulsory schooling, with a wide range of prices taking into account family income both in terms of schooling and of the canteen service. There are currently 45 children in the Moixiganga who use the canteen service and 60 in the El Cercolet nursery school.

La Moixiganga – Carrer Devesa, s/n. Tel: (+34) 93 811 41 73

• P-0: 3 vacancies
• P-1 (children 1-2 years old): 7 vacancies
• P-2 (children from 2-3 years old): 6 vacancies
Total: 16 vacancies

El Cercolet – Carrer Samuel Barrachina 5. Tel: (+34) 93 811 1064

• Babies: 0
• P1 (1-2 years): 5
• P2 (2-3 years): 5
Total: 10 vacancies

Nursery school, Sitges.

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