3rd December 2021
The Dolce Hotel, Sitges
Sitges News

Two Sitges hotels will have to pay €250,000 of ‘IBI’ property tax next year

Two hotels in Sitges will have to pay around 250,000 euros in the property tax known as IBI (‘Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles’) next year. Although the Sitges Town Council has frozen the municipal section of this tax, the increase in cadastral value will mean that the bill that hotels will receive, as with private homes, will be an average of 6.5% more expensive, higher than the rise in the Consumer Price Index (IPC).

The Sitges Hospitality Guild has expressed its dissatisfaction with this measure during a meeting held this week between its representatives and the Sitges mayor, Aurora Carbonell.

The decision of the local government to not increase the property tax – approved in a plenary session last week – has not had the desired effect of calming the waters with the tourism sector. The guild wanted the council to lower the municipal section of the tax in order to compensate for the increase in the cadastral, which is not set by the council, but a value assigned to the property in land registry records.

Hoteliers argue that the Covid crisis is still having an impact of their sector and that, in addition, they already suffered a significant increase in IBI tax two years ago.

The increase in the IBI mainly affects 20 hotels, which have the highest cadastral value, above 1.8 million euros

The Dolce Hotel, Sitges
The Dolce Hotel, Sitges, in October last year, when it had to close due to Covid restrictions. (L’Eco)

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