27th October 2021
The Sant Sebastian beach in Sitges
Sitges News

The 4-day ‘puente’ weekend boosts local tourism and hospitality sectors

The four day ‘puente’ holiday on the occasion of the Festa del Pilar (coinciding with Spain’s national holiday on Tuesday 12 October) saw a great deal of visitors and activity in Sitges. The Film Festival, the Grape Harvest celebration and parallel Wine Festival, combined with the desire to simply enjoy a long weekend, produced positive results for local trade and the hospitality sector.

Hotel occupancy fluctuated depending on the type of establishment, but in some cases, over the weekend, it reached 70%, with the Meliá and Estela hotels fully occupied by the Film Festival. Many restaurants also enjoyed high levels of occupancy, to the point that in some cases they were unable to meet all requests for a table.

Cap de la Vila in Sitges, last Saturday afternoon.
Cap de la Vila in Sitges, last Saturday afternoon. (L’Eco)

The streets in the centre of town also saw a high influx of visitors, especially on Sunday and Tuesday, with the sporadic rain on Saturday only partly dispersing the crowds. There were even many people still enjoying the beach, thanks to the high temperatures, which reached 24 degrees on Tuesday.

The Sitges tourism sector has now seen a positive impact from three activity-packed weekends in a row, following on from Santa Tecla, La Mercè, the Women’s World Chess Championship and the Mediterranean Ladies Open.

The Film Festival has also been a sell-out for several screenings, especially during its first weekend. Capacity is still 70% for theatres, due to Covid restrictions, but as of Friday those limits will end and the final screenings will be able to sell 100% of their tickets.

The beginning of autumn also coincides with one of the lowest incidence rates of Covid in both Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes.

The Sant Sebastian beach in Sitges
The Sant Sebastian beach in Sitges on Tuesday afternoon. (L’Eco)

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