27th September 2023
Queues for the vaccination marathon on Tuesday at the CAP in Sitges.
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Number of people fully vaccinated in Sitges and Ribes is still under 65%

There is still a third of the population of both Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes waiting to be fully vaccinated. Jabs continue to be administered, but the pace is slower than the national average, and in Sitges by more than five points.

Up to Tuesday, more than 18,000 people in Sitges and 19,000 in Sant Pere de Ribes had been fully vaccinated. This is 63.12% and 64.48% of the populations, respectively. In Catalonia as a whole it was 68.47%. Since the start of the vaccination campaign, the percentages have been lower locally, but now the difference is even greater. From less than three points on 20 July to more than five now.

On Tuesday Sitges held its second vaccination marathon, aimed mainly at young people and teenagers, which resulted in a total of 157 jabs administered. Those over the age of 12 were able to participate with only their DNI or health card. The previous one, held two weeks ago, resulted in 500 jabs. In recent weeks, the average age of new positive cases of Covid has risen to 40, after hovering around 25 at the beginning of July, with the start of the fifth wave that hit young people.

Queues for the vaccination marathon on Tuesday at the CAP in Sitges.
Queues for the vaccination marathon on Tuesday at the CAP in Sitges. (L’Eco)

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