19th October 2021
Young people gathering on the breakwater at Fragata beach in Sitges.
Sitges News

‘Botellones’ causing concern for municipal authorities

Images of the beaches, breakwaters, promenade and some parks in Sitges full of young people congregating and drinking (known as botellones in Spanish), when bars and restaurants close at half past midnight, are causing some concern to the local authorities and police. 

These crowds of young people are not only a concern in terms of the spread of Covid – with many sharing bottles and with hardly anyone wearing face masks – but they are also having an effect on other neighbours, with an increase in litter and other disturbances.

The litter is very evident just walking along any of the seawalls on Passeig de la Ribera in the early hours of a Sunday morning, and there have also been acts of vandalism with the destruction of street furniture and rubbish containers.

The profile of those who go to the breakwaters and beaches after midnight are mostly young people from Sitges – although many of them come from other neighbouring towns and Catalan municipalities. In the early hours of the morning, there are also older people looking to have a last drink or foreigners still looking to party, but as the night progresses, the average age goes down.

Young people gathering on the breakwater at Fragata beach in Sitges.
Young people gathering on the breakwater at Fragata beach in Sitges. (L’Eco)

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