25th July 2021
Mayor of Sitges, Aurora Carbonell
Film LGBT+ Sitges News

The first LGTBIQ+ film festival in Sitges attracts over 700 spectators

More than 700 spectators attended the 13 screenings and 10 film forums of the first LGTBIQ+ Film Festival, Endimaris Sitges, which ended last weekend. It proved a great success in a week marked by the low attendance of spectators in cinemas in general, and at a difficult time again due to the pandemic.

Héctor Lozano and Menna Fité were the protagonists of the last day of the festival. The creator and director of the series Merlí and Merlí Sapere Aude received the first Endimaris Sitges Award, which recognises the contribution made by the two series to the visibility of this community and the values ​​they transmit such as tolerance, respect and freedom.

For a week, top guests such as the actress Itziar Castro, La Prohibida and directors such as Alba Muñoz, Marc Ferrer and Raúl Portero all showed up. The Endimaris Festival was born with the desire to have continuity and be an event that wants to become a benchmark in the world of LGTBIQ+ film festivals. Endimaris is promoted by Cine Club Sitges and Sitges Colors Link, in collaboration with El Prado and the Sitges Town Council.

Mayor of Sitges, Aurora Carbonell
Mayor of Sitges, Aurora Carbonell, at the presentation of the film festival. (L’Eco)

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