26th September 2021
Sign at the Sausalito to inform that it was closed.
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The pandemic is now having an impact on the beach bars

The reactivation of social life has also revived the virus, which is having a new impact. The worst effect so far has been on the beaches. A few weeks ago, the Xiringuito Carbonell had to close due to various infections among its workers, and more recently Covid has hit the Sausalito. The Barra beach establishment will close for the next ten days, as some of its employees tested positive after the entire team were tested.

A similar situation is the Hola, on the beach of Cap de Grills, which on Wednesday had not opened its doors, as it was waiting to carry out PCR tests on all its workers. Several of its employees had been in contact with colleagues at the Xiringuito Zero in Vilanova, which has also had to close for ten days, due to several positives amongst its staff.

Covid is trying to gain ground again, but the numbers are only bad in terms of infections, with hospitals not suffering at the moment. 90% of those infected are concentrated among young people under the age of 30 – the vast majority of whom have not been vaccinated – and those between the ages of 30 and 49 who do not yet have immunity.

At the same time, nightlife employers are also concerned. Because they are unable to guarantee compliance with pandemic prevention measures on their premises, they’re calling for the implementation of prior antigen tests and the vaccination of the under 30s, the age group of their most loyal customers.

Sign at the Sausalito to inform that it was closed.
Sign at the Sausalito to inform that it was closed. (L’Eco)

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