25th July 2021
Miquel Utrillo school
Sitges News

The school year ends with just one confined group

Schools in Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes end a most difficult academic year with a very satisfactory situation with regards the Covid pandemic. Only one group from the Miquel Utrillo school is confined from a total of 30 schools in the two municipalities.

The state in which schools have faced the last quarter is very different from the most critical moments of the academic year, recorded in November and January. At the end of January there were eight isolated groups in Sitges, nine in Ribes and three in Les Roquetes. The year ends with just one isolated group from the Utrillo school, showing a decrease from twenty to one in just five months.

Last week two classrooms were confined as a precaution, in the Pia School and in the Esteve Barrachina school, but this week they have been restored. The Utrillo group affects 27 people (26 students and 1 teacher), but it is also as a precaution. Only one positive Covid case has been recorded at this centre in the last ten days. The highest number of positives in Sitges in recent days has been in the Joan Ramon Benaprès (four), as well as one in the Vinyet and another in the Pia school.

Meanwhile, the Ribes and Les Roquetes educational centres have managed to reach the end of the year free of Coronavirus. Three weeks ago, in the midst of an outbreak in Ribes, six classrooms were confined, leaving 150 students at home.

Miquel Utrillo school
Miquel Utrillo school on Tuesday, the last day of class. (L’Eco)

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