25th July 2021
The breakwater near La Fragata beach in Sitges
Sitges News

More and more youths congregating on the breakwater at the Fragata beach

In anticipation of the re-opening of nightlife, set for Monday 21 June, the breakwater at the Fragata beach has become a congregation point for many young people and teenagers, attracting more and more crowds. In the early hours of Sunday morning (from when the photographs correspond) there were hundreds of them, spread along the sea wall, the access ramp and nearby on ​the Passeig de la Ribera.

Sitges at the weekend. (L'Eco)
Sitges during the night of Saturday to Sunday morning. (L’Eco)

The concentration of youths starts shortly before midnight, but increases after 1am, once the bars and restaurants close. The vast majority of those present don’t wear face masks or maintain social distancing, despite being in the age groups of people not yet vaccinated. In some cases, they also hold ‘botellons’, (street drinking parties), albeit a minority.

The breakwater near La Fragata beach in Sitges
The breakwater near La Fragata beach in Sitges at the weekend. (L’Eco)

This weekend the Sitges local police and the Mossos d’Esquadra did not show up – unlike two weeks ago. According to police officials, it is considered that in order to carry out a crowd control operation and disperse everyone, it would be necessary to have a large security presence to prevent possible incidents, due to the high concentration of young people.

This week, the local police also didn’t issue any fines for non-compliance with Covid measures. In recent weeks, the number of sanctions has dropped: last week there was only one and the previous week, four. During the months of the State of Alarm, the average number of fines issued was 40 per week.

Image taken near La Fragata beach in Sitges
Image taken near La Fragata beach in Sitges during the weekend. (L’Eco)

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