24th March 2023
An image from April 2020 with a patient with Covid at Sant Camil Hospital. (L'Eco)
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Covid hospital cases jump in Ribes after recent outbreak, affecting young people

A new outbreak of Covid registered in Sant Pere de Ribes two weeks ago has left its aftermath: seven people from the municipality have had to be admitted to hospitals. This is the highest figure since the end of February, when the third wave was still present.

The outbreak occurred two weeks ago, just after the curfew ended. Epidemiological indicators in the municipality soared to extremely high figures: the ‘rebound risk’ (iEPG)* was close to 400 points 10 days ago and the rate of positivity for Covid tests was also close to 10%. Now the data has begun to fall, although it is still high (the cumulative incidence rate is 198, twice the Catalan average).

Another relevant fact is that the outbreak has especially affected young people. The average age of positive cases is 31 (during the weekend it was 29). In Sitges, the average age is 47.

The effects of the outbreak are still visible. Three schools in Ribes continue with confined classrooms. These are Can Puig (25 students and 1 teacher), La Riera (17 students and 1 teacher) and Les Roquetes School (18 students and 1 teacher). 10 days ago, however, the number of closed classrooms was double.

Sitges, meanwhile, currently has no confined classrooms and all schools operate at full capacity, as has been usual throughout the quarter. There are currently two people from Sitges admitted to hospital with Covid.

*The potential rebound risk (iEPG) measures possible new cases diagnosed over the next 14 days, to evaluate the growth or slowdown in the contagion. It is calculated by multiplying the accumulated incidence rate (IA) and the rate of contagion (RT). 

An image from April 2020 with a patient with Covid at Sant Camil Hospital. (L'Eco)
An image from April 2020 with a patient with Covid at Sant Camil Hospital. (L’Eco)

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