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Sitges Town Council is launching a new plan to repair pavements

Sitges Town Council is launching a new plan to fix the poor condition of the public roads and pavements in various areas of the town.

The first actions are being carried out in the Vinyet neighbourhood and the overall project will last four years, with an expected investment of 100,000 euros each year. The pavements of Avinguda del Vinyet are the first to be repaired and preliminary work is already being carried out there and in front of the Institut Vinyet school.

The other priority will be the Terramar area, in order to fix the public road that is in the worst condition. The contract, which is pending for signature, will allow work to begin in the coming weeks.

The residents of El Vinyet and Terramar have long complained about the poor condition of the sidewalks and the headaches it causes for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, who, in various sections of streets, have to move off the pavements and onto the road or around the areas of ​​parked cars, with the danger that this entails.

The town councillor for urban services and mobility, Jaume Monasterio, has said that ‘this is an ambitious project, because we are talking about many sidewalks. That is why we are planning a four-year plan, but with the will to start now and this summer we will already have the first results in an area where it is needed, such as Avinguda del Vinyet and Terramar’.

Preliminary work on a pavement in Avinguda del Vinyet, Sitges. (L’Eco)

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