19th October 2021
Sant Camil Hospital.
Sitges News

No deaths from Covid-19 recorded at Sant Camil Hospital since 20 April

In May, there were no deaths from Covid-19 recorded at the Sant Camil Hospital. This had not been the case since July last year, when the virus had been kept to a minimum after the Spring 2020 confinements.

The current situation at the hospital in Sant Pere de Ribes with regards Coronavirus is the most favourable since last summer.

The last death from Covid-19 in Sant Camil was on 20 April. This length of time without a fatality has only been surpassed by last summer (between 27 May and 22 August). This is a situation far removed from the 35 deaths recorded in January or the 18 during February, when the third wave hit the hospital hard.

Sant Camil currently has 10 patients hospitalised with Covid symptoms. This is four more than a week ago, due to the outbreak detected in Sant Pere de Ribes in recent days. The figure, still less than the average for May, is also one of the lowest.

In addition to the low number of patients infected with the virus, the number of patients severely affected or in intensive care is also lower largely due to the vaccination programme, which has first protected the most vulnerable groups and the elderly.

Sant Camil Hospital.
Sant Camil Hospital. (L’Eco)

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