18th June 2021
San Sebastian beach in Sitges, last Saturday.
Sitges News

Covid figures rising again in Sitges, after three months of stability

From moderate to very high risk in just a week. The latest Covid-19 figures for Sitges have seen a sudden increase and which have surprised health officials, as the town was in a situation of stability for almost three months.

The increase in data relates to a slight increase in positive cases among adolescents, but which are prior to the possible contagions produced last Saturday night, whilst celebrating the end of the State of Alarm.

The only figure that remains better in Sitges compared to Catalonia overall is the incidence rate (IA) over 14 days, which is 125 – significantly lower than 227 for Catalonia.

The ‘rebound risk’ (iEPG)*, however, which was 85 a week ago, has now risen to 333. In the whole of Catalonia the figure had been declining to under 200. Today it is at 191.

Meanwhile the rate of contagion (RT) has also risen excessively, to a high of 2.55 today, four times more than a week ago. In all of Catalonia it is at 0.44. The rate of positive results of PCR and antigen tests has also increased to 6.93% (the Catalan average is 4.82%).

However, the precise number of positive cases has not risen alarmingly. In the last seven days, there have been 25 new cases. Last week there were only 14, but the previous week had been 24. The increase this week represents 1.53%, while the Catalan average has been 1.34%.

In Sant Pere de Ribes, the rebound risk stands at 144 (from 100 a week ago), while the RT is at 1.22 and positive tests at 4.39%.

*The potential rebound risk (iEPG) measures possible new cases diagnosed over the next 14 days, to evaluate the growth or slowdown in the contagion. It is calculated by multiplying the accumulated incidence rate (IA) and the rate of contagion (RT). 

San Sebastian beach in Sitges, last Saturday.
San Sebastian beach in Sitges, last Saturday. (L’Eco)

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