26th October 2021
Sant Camil Hospital.
Sitges News

No new hospitalised cases for Covid-19 in Sitges since 9 April

After three months with a constant presence of patients being admitted with Covid-19, for the first time in 2021 there have been no new hospitalised cases with the virus in Sitges during the week – and not since 9 April. In addition, the Sant Camil Hospital currently reports low numbers of patients still at the hospital with Coronavirus.

At the beginning of February, in the middle of the second wave, there were more than 30 people from Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes admitted to hospital with Covid-19. The month of January saw the second highest amount of Covid-19 patients in hospital after the month of April 2020 – with 35 hospitalised cases in total.

This figure began to drop in February, and during the month of March – in the case of Sitges – the admissions due to the virus no longer exceeded more than three in the same day. At the end of the March there was only one hospitalised case, and on 9 April, the last patient was discharged. Since then, the figure of zero admissions has been maintained.

In the case of Sant Pere de Ribes, the figure of hospitalised cases of Coronavirus oscillates at low levels, and currently there are two people admitted with the disease.

Sant Camil Hospital.
Sant Camil Hospital. (L’Eco)

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