5th October 2022
Naturalisation work being carried out
Sitges News

The naturalisation of the Ribes stream continues with local plant species

Progress with the naturalisation of the last section of the Sant Pere de Ribes stream continues, and recently work has been focused on preparing the area to introduce plant species typical of the local territory.

The council’s goal is to provide a bank that is as natural and sustainable as possible, within the given environment.

At the end of November, the council began the naturalisation of the area by removing 6,500 metres of American cane reed beds – which cause various environmental problems – with the aim of replacing them with native species.

The actions that have been carried out in recent days have left a channel space of about four metres without vegetation. Other areas have been ploughed, replanted and sown, with the intention of creating a combination of shrubs and trees that prevent soil erosion and integrate into the environment.

With the purpose of restoring the native vegetation of the Ribes stream, 1,570 new and local plant species have been introduced to the area in total.

Naturalisation work being carried out
Naturalisation work being carried out recently. (L’Eco)

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