22nd October 2021
El Casal de Pau Casals.
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‘El Casal de Pau Casals’ to become Covid-19 vaccination centre

Sitges Town Council has provided a venue to the Catalan Department of Health as a centre for vaccinations against Covid-19 – El Casal de la Gent Gran de Pau Casals

The council is waiting for the health department to confirm the date from which the Casal will be used – a date that depends on when a significant number of vaccines are made available.

The facilities at the Casal de Pau Casals are already prepared to host the vaccination campaign. Its use was initially planned for this week, but the cancellation of the supply of 150,000 AstraZeneca vaccines – which were due to arrive in Catalonia last Monday – has resulted in the postponement of the vaccination campaign. 

It is forecast that the supply of inoculations are to arrive the week after Easter, and so it will be then when the Casal begins operating as an vaccination centre. The Town Council has also stated their collaboration with the Department of Health on logistical issues, and the transfer of personnel to carry out the campaign.

In autumn 2020, the Casal de la Gent Gran de Pau Casals was enabled as a support space to carry out the flu vaccine – and this year it was deemed necessary to use the space for preventative measures regarding Coronavirus

Currently, the facilities at the Casal are dormant, as the centre was forced to close due to pandemic related restrictions.

Until the Casal is up and running as an inoculation point, residents who receive vaccine notification will have to continue to travel to places such as Vilafranca, Castelldefels, Sant Boi or Tarragona, as well as the CAP in Sitges for their jab.

The overall pace of vaccinations remains at a low level – last week 2,000 residents were inoculated in Sitges. If the slow rollout continues, it is calculated that it would take until 2023 to inoculate the entire local population. 

Between Friday 19 March and Thursday 25 March, 151 first doses were administered in Sitges, a similar figure to the 113 of the previous week  – however a much lower number than the 579 jabs administered three weeks  ago.

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El Casal de Pau Casals.
El Casal de Pau Casals. (L’Eco)

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