8th December 2022
Work taking place on the beach in Sitges
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Excavators start to repair and improve beaches, starting with ‘Bassa Rodona’

The Beach Service authorities have begun to carry out repair work on the beaches of Sitges that have less sand. During the past days, authorities have been using excavators to bring sand from the sea to repair the beach of Bassa Rodona. The purpose is to be able to open the closed access routes and improve the security of the area near the ​​rocks, leaving it in the best possible conditions for Easter.

The low level of sand has been causing the sea to take away the added sand. However, work will continue to be carried out on the worst damaged beaches, with the excavators working first on Bassa Rodona.

With the work being undertaken, the Councillor for Beaches, Guillem Escolà, is carrying out the commitment he made with the Beaches Association. Escolà pointed out that this system [with the excavators], which was already used last year – after the dredger ship finally didn’t arrive, despite being contracted – enabled some beaches that had been closed to re-open in 2020.

The repair work will also be done on other beaches that have less sand, such as L’Estanyol or La Riera Xica, and it will be done as many times as necessary, as it does not require any kind of permission. The most important work, however, will begin in May to prepare for the summer season, as there may still yet be strong sea storms, which would harden all the sand.

For the economic sectors, ‘it is a first step that must be applauded, but we must expect it to have continuity’, said Oskar Stöber, president of Gremio de Hostelería, the Hospitality Guild.

Manel Martínez, president of the Sitges Beaches Association, believes that, ‘the town council’s “plan b” will not work, as there is a much greater volume of sand missing’, but he added that they are ‘grateful for the work done, as the Bassa Rodona beach was badly damaged’. At the same time, he also claimed that, ‘Sitges is still lagging behind and while other municipalities will be able to open their beach bars for Easter, ours will not do so yet, as we do not have permission from the Catalan government’.

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Work taking place on the beach in Sitges
Work taking place on the Bassa Rodona beach in Sitges on Thursday. (L’Eco)

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