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15 fines for non-compliance of Covid-19 measures

A total of 15 people have been fined in the last week by police in Sitges for breaches of measures against the spread of the Coronavirus – in what was the first week of the relaxation of the perimeter confinement. On Sunday police also carried out an operation to prevent the installation of unauthorised street vendors.

On Monday afternoon, the first day of the application of the new measures, a total of four complaints of non-compliance were made to local authorities. 

For the remainder of the week a drop in violations was noted –  two on Tuesday and Wednesday, one on Thursday and three on Friday. 

There were no violations related to the Covid-19 regulations on Saturday and a total of three were filed during Sunday night. In total, 15 fines were administered for the violations of pandemic-related measures. 

The timeslot with the highest level of infringements continues to be the nighttime. Of the 15 violations registered, seven have been at night, five in the afternoon and three cases took place in the morning.

This weekend, local police also launched an operation to prevent the installation of unauthorised street vendors on the streets of Sitges. The operation coincides with the lifting of the district confinement, and the increased visitor numbers registered in the town at the weekend

Starting at 10am, local officers carried out a patrol along a specific planned route – including the  areas of Paseo de la Ribera, San Sebastián beach, and the train station. As a result of the patrol, police managed to detect 45 possible vendors, who were waiting for the police presence to subside before selling their goods.  However, the police presence was maintained right through Sunday. 

The local police of Sitges on the promenade on Sunday. (L’Eco)

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