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Gibraltar offers to vaccinate its Spanish cross-border workers

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The Gibraltar government has said that it will offer jabs of the Covid-19 vaccine to around 15,000 cross-border workers who commute every day from Spain to work in the British territory.

Gibraltar has a population of around 34,000. The enclave on Spain’s southern tip began its immunisation campaign on 9 January, and by Thursday 4 March, 41,318 vaccinations had been administered by the authorities. 26,163 people have received their first dose of the vaccine, with 15,155 of these people also having received their second dose.

‘As we come to the final stages of vaccinating the resident population, we will very soon be moving to priority category 9 where we will offer vaccination to frontier workers,’ the government said in a statement. ‘We are compiling lists for those who wish to be vaccinated.’ You can click here if you were ‘registered to work in Gibraltar before 1 December 2020, and would like the vaccine’, the statement added.

A Gibraltar university student receiving the vaccine against Covid-19 during February. (

The majority of the 15,000 people who cross into Gibraltar each day to work are Spanish nationals but there are also many other nationalities, including around 2,500 Britons who live in Spain.

Gibraltar only recorded its first death from Covid-19 in mid-November. Infections then began to soar in December, with the death toll now standing at 93 from over 4,200 cases. Lockdown measures and the start of vaccinations has significantly lowered the number of cases per 100,000 people, which at one point was one of the highest in Europe. ALSO READ: Gibraltar ‘devastated’ as Covid-19 deaths quadruple in fortnight

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