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Spain authorises clinical trial of Covid-19 vaccine

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Spain has authorised its first ‘Phase Two’ clinical trial of a Covid-19 vaccine, the Health Minister Salvador Illa has announced.

Illa said that Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, owned by Johnson & Johnson, will hold the second phase of their vaccine Ad26.COV2-S, in Spain, Belgium and Germany.

This stage means that tests will be carried out on humans. 190 people will be administered doses in three Spanish hospitals, located in Madrid and Santander.

The clinical trials have been authorised by the Spanish Agency for Medicine and Health Products (AEMPS).

A total number of 600 people will be administrated the Janssen vaccine in Spain, Belgium and Germany. First results could be known ‘in a month’. It would then be followed by the final stage – Phase 3.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez (centre) and Health Minister Salvador Illa (left) during the committee meeting to oversee the Coronavirus crisis on 28 August 2020. (Pool Moncloa / José Maria Cuadrado)

The first phase of Janssen’s vaccine took place in the United States and Belgium.

On Wednesday, the Spanish health minister had also said that the first doses of a Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine could be available in Spain ‘by the end of December’ this year.

Spain has agreed with the European Commission to participate in the plan to purchase up to 400m doses for EU countries from the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, as soon as the vaccine is confirmed to be safe and effective. The vaccine has been researched and developed with Oxford University.

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