1st June 2020
British Embassy virtual drop-in
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British Embassy hosting online event to address questions in this current crisis

The British Embassy in Spain is hosting a virtual drop-in session this Wednesday 22 April, from 1pm to 5pm, for UK nationals in Spain.

Embassy and consulate staff in Spain have held many live Q&As in the past, especially dealing with issues and concerns related to Brexit. As it is currently impossible to hold live events, they have organised this one online.

The session tomorrow is specifically geared towards the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis and how this might be affecting you with regards being resident in Spain – whether you are resident here all year round, or just part of the year.

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For example, you might have concerns about your residency status or access to healthcare in Spain. You might have financial worries, or have questions about travel to, from and within Spain – or you might also be seeking further clarifications about the restrictions during the current ‘state of alarm’ lockdown.

You might also have concerns about how the current crisis might affect you if you are renting or owning property in Spain, as well as making further plans regarding Brexit.

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The British Embassy aims to address as many of the questions raised as possible.

How the online session will work is that from 1pm tomorrow (Wednesday), the Embassy will open a new post on their own Facebook page. You will then have until 5pm to post your question as a comment under that post.

Once the session has closed, they will review all your questions and comments to determine what is concerning you the most. Over the course of the following week (by 30 April), they will respond to the issues raised through a series of short videos on key topics and through a further Q&A document.

The information you share on Facebook will be visible to everyone, so the Embassy also stress that you should keep that in mind when posting any personal information.

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Robert Britnell 22nd April 2020 at 12:30 pm

Surely it’s stupid to allow children into a possibly crowded place like a supermarket and not into a fresh air environment like a park practising social distancing. IT makes absolutely no sense at all.


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