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Coronavirus in Spain full update (21 March)

Spanish police at border controls during the Coronavirus crisis. (@policia / Twitter)

Official figures released by the Spanish Health Ministry at 12 noon on Saturday 21 March now confirm 24,926 known cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Spain, which is 4,946 more than yesterday (up 24%). 1,326 people are now also known to have died from the pandemic in Spain (up by 324 from yesterday). 1,612 people are in intensive care. 2,125 people have now made a full recovery.

Of the official figures announced, 8,921 confirmed cases are known to be in the Madrid region.

There are now 4,203 cases in Catalonia, 1,725 in the Basque Country, 1,515 in Andalusia, 1,423 in Castilla La Mancha, 1,363 in Valencia and 564 in La Rioja (northern Spain).

Figures for other regions are as follows: Aragón 424, Asturias 486, Balearic Islands 246, Canary Islands 348, Cantabria 215, Castilla y León 1,466, Extremadura 354, Galicia 739, Melilla 25, Murcia 240, Navarra 664.

This report is being updated through the day with further news related to Coronavirus in Spain, as per below. However, official statistics will only be updated in our reports published just after noon each day.

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Italy reported a dramatic surge in Coronavirus deaths on Friday as the pandemic spread further across the planet, but Wuhan in China, where the virus first emerged in December,reported no new cases, sparking a glimmer of hope.

Global deaths from the pandemic swept past 10,000, with the number of infected people topping 250,000.

Italy, already the worst-affected country in the world, added another 627 fatalities, taking its reported total past 4,000 despite government efforts to stem the pandemic’s spread. Italy has a population of 60m and now accounts for 36.6% of the world’s coronavirus deaths.

Governments and central banks continued to throw unprecedented sums of money into the economic battle, hoping against hope that a deep global recession could somehow be dodged.

From midnight on Friday, the UK finally ordered cafés, pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, theatres and leisure centres to close, in line with its neighbours in the EU.

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Below are the numbers to call for each region of Spain for information and assistance in the event of possible cases of Coronavirus – as issued by the Spanish health authorities.

The numbers to call for each region of Spain.

Click here for further information (in Spanish) regarding Coronavirus from the Spanish Health Ministry.

Up-to-date WHO advice and facts (in English) about the Coronavirus epidemic can be found here:

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