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Lawsuit against Spanish government for withholding regional funds

The Catalan government’s vice president Pere Aragonès has announced a lawsuit against the Spanish government for withholding regional funds.

Aragonès, in charge of the finance ministry, accuses Madrid of ‘disloyalty’ for ‘illegally’ holding on to 1,317 million euros that should have been transferred to the Catalan government in 2019.

Pere Aragonès (right), claims that the Spanish government has been holding back funds illegally. (Mar Vila / via ACN)

‘We’re not asking for charity, it’s the money that we should be receiving according to the law,’ said Aragonès, who spoke in the Catalan parliament on Wednesday.

The vice president called on other Spanish autonomous communities to join the lawsuit, as the lack of funding ‘goes against all Spanish citizens’.

Aragonès has also announced cuts in the government’s spending, but he stressed that public services will not be affected.

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