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For beer lovers this summer: Moritz Sour and Radler

The Moritz Beer Lab is a hub of creativity, innovation … and beer. It was born in 2016 to enhance the brewing culture at Moritz, the oldest beer in Barcelona that is still on the market, and conceived by Louis Moritz more than 160 years ago. He installed his brewery in Ronda Sant Antoni and it is still very much a meeting point in Barcelona and part of its history. The sixth generation of the family continues to make the brand an icon of the city, mixing tradition and modernity at the Moritz Barcelona Factory and legendary Velodromo bar.

At the Moritz Beer Lab they create limited editions that can only be consumed during a certain period of time, and can be tasted at the Factory and the Moritz Store. Thanks to the Beer Lab, Moritz have been regularly adding new seasonal products to their classic fresh beers, and have previously launched Moritz Red IPA, Blat, Scottish, Cítrics, ‘FumFumFum’, La Bèstia and currently, Moritz Sour.

Moritz Sour is designed especially for these hot summer months. Made with natural seasonal fruit, it turns out to be a refreshing and surprisingly aromatic beer. It’s a sour beer with 4% alcohol, and plenty of foam that leaves an acid taste with fruity notes on the palate. Made with 75% apricot and 25% peach, it has a light touch of cinnamon and rosemary that provokes a refreshing final touch.

If you prefer your beer with a hint of lemon, try Moritz Radler. Moritz have added the freshness and citrus aromas of 100% natural lemon juice to their original Moritz, thereby ‘multiplying its refreshing power’. Moritz Radler is a very aromatic, fresh beer that balances the best of the two products: the floral aromas of the Saaz hops combined with the freshness of the lemon. It’s a high quality beer with a unique flavour.

Moritz Barcelona offers a wide variety of beers, highlighted by the Original Moritz, made 100% with natural ingredients among which stand out the flower of hops of Saaz, giving it that characteristic aromatic flavor. It also produces the Moritz Epidor (a long-fermented Pilsner Extra beer made with natural ingredients, such as caramel malt), the Moritz 0,0 (alcohol-free), the Moritz Red IPA (the first high-fermentation Moritz, Indian Pale Ale).

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